Frequently Asked Questions

Why Boss Portraits?


Other sites have multiple artists so you never know what to expect, and some don't even draw your portraits; they just photoshop your pet photo.  Boss Portraits has only one artist (hi, I'm Len!) so you can expect only the highest quality hand-drawn art.

How are the pet portraits created?


No special filters here.  All portraits are hand-drawn by a professional artist using an iPad pro.  The art is digital, highly detailed, and of exceptional quality.  We will email you the portrait for approval before it is sent to printing.  Prints and framing are completed using a professional printer, and arrive in premium packaging.


What are the sizes?


You can choose between 8x10 and 11x14.  Size chosen is the size of the print, the frame will be larger.  For example, if you order an 11x14 portrait with a white rustic frame and matting, expect the full size to be close to 18x22.  If you are interested in a different size, click "chat" below!


How soon will I have my portrait?


Portraits are completed in just a day or two!  You will receive the digital copy and time-lapse video as soon as the portraits are completed.  The prints take 2-5 business days to deliver once the portraits are completed. 


Who are the artists?


Currently, Boss Portraits only has one artist, me!  My name is Len Boss.  Click the chat button below to learn more about me!


How is the time-lapse video created?


All portraits are recorded from start to finish, and the time-lapse video of the creation is complimentary!  The video file is about 1 minute long, and will be emailed to you along with the digital image file.  Great for sharing on social media!


Can I make special requests?


Absolutely!  Either click the chat button below, or add a note to your order when placing it (background color, remove collar, etc.)


What if I don't like it?


I wouldn't worry about that - everyone loves their portraits!  Check the "reviews" section to see actual customer reviews, and be sure to check out the "art" section.  Given the customized nature of the portraits, unfortunately there are no refunds.  Before the portrait is printed, it will be emailed to you for final approval.  Small changes can be made before it is printed.  Additionally, you can choose to add a frame after you see how good it looks!


What if I don't have a good photo of my pet?


Take one!  iPhones and other similar phones work great for taking photos to be used for the portrait.  Close-ups work best.  If it's a gift for a friend or family member, you might be able to find a good photo on their Facebook page or other social media.


Can I upload more than one photo?


Yes!  If you're ordering a portrait with multiple pets, you can upload multiple photos and we will incorporate them into one portrait.  If you are ordering a single pet portrait but you aren't sure which photo is best, click chat below and we will give you our opinion.


How many copies can I get?


A digital image file and a time-lapse video are provided for every portrait.  One 8x10 print is included at no charge.  Additional prints can be provided for a small printing fee.  Click the "chat" button below for more information.


Why is framing so expensive?


Quality!  Some websites use cheap frames, and sometimes don't even include glass.  We use only the best quality frames, and the framing is done by professionals.  If you choose a print only, and then see how beautiful the portrait is, you can add a frame when you approve the portrait via email.


Do you do "royal" pet portraits?


Some websites that do "royal pet portraits" simply photoshop your pet's face onto a royal painting template.  Cute and all, but they aren't hand-drawn portraits.  We can do something similar by request, but it might be more expensive than the other sites because ours are 100% hand-drawn.  Click chat to learn more.

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